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Contraindications of Dental Implants

There are variety of conditions in which your dentist may advice you against dental implant procedures. You must inform your dentist about any Systemic disease which you have as any systemic disease may result in failure of dental implant or worse increase your systemic problem (in some rare conditions).

Some of the most common conditions where implants are contraindicated are:

Local contraindications for Dental Implants

  • Poor hygiene
  • Any infection at the site where implant is to be placed.
  • Lack of adequate bone to provide support to implant
  • Proximity of the vital structures like nerves, vessels or sinus

General contraindications to dental implants:

  • Immune disorders (leukemia),
  • Cancer,
  • Disorders of coagulation (anticoagulants, liver cirrhosis, thrombocytopenia, tendency to hemorrhage),
  • Rheumatoid disease (steroid medication),
  • Unstable endocrine disorders,
  • Chemotherapy (i.e. bisphosphonates) and radiotherapy within the last 5 years,
  • Pregnancy and patients under 16 years old (incomplete development of bones).
  • Osteopetrosis, fibrous dysplasia;
  • Local inflammatory processes;
  • Unfavourable anatomical conditions (macroglossia);
  • Past radiotherapy;